About Our Events

Our murder mysteries are more than just a straightforward ‘whodunit’! 

  • Characters receive have their own deadly secrets! Uncover the secrets of others whilst keeping your own under wraps!
  • Each Character have their own personal missions to complete. This could be anything from stealing a piece of jewellery to collecting a blackmail payment! 

The Format

 Unlike actor-based murder-mysteries, our unique format allows you and your guests to get directly involved in the action.

 There are no actors and no scripts involved, so how the game plays out is down to you and your guests and means you will have a truly unique night! 

Our professional Host(s) will help with every aspect of organising and running your murder mystery event, taking away much of the organisational hassle.

 If you are having a sit-down meal, the format would run something like this: 

7pm – Game begins at a drinks reception (optional), with Host setting the scene and reading out the first clue. 

7-8pm - Guests conduct their investigations. 8pm – Host reads out the second clue, Guests go for dinner

Between the main course and dessert for the guests to have an opportunity to move around and ask other guests questions.

Following dessert/coffee there is further investigation time.

Guests are asked to fill in their Solution Sheets

The  Host will announce the Solution and hand out the Epilogue. 

This is just a sample running order, and because of the flexible nature of our games, we can adapt the timings to fit in with you. 

 Games are designed to run for 2-3 hours depending on numbers.

 The event takes place in a private dining room. 

We have several murder mystery & dinner packages available - check them out on our Packages page.