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Poor Gary! He had no motive to murder Helen King! However, he could confirm that Michelle had not been in her yoga studio that evening when she said she was!



Katie clearly had an alibi - she could be heard playing the piano at the time when the poison was administered to Helen's glass.


Although the murderer tried very hard to frame Marie for Helen's murder, she didn't do it. The 'stolen' brooch was planted in her room by the tru cluprit!


Well done, Detective your super-sleuthing has come up trumps! 

Michelle murdered her mother-in-law with a fatal dose of her own medication. Having trained as a nurse in America before she met Pete, she knew just the right amount of additonal medication to add to Helen's drink to make it fatal.

When Marie went off to tend to crying George, Michelle sneaked into the kitchen, mixing the medication in with the champagne she knew she would personally hand to Helen in a few minutes time.

She knew it would be easy to point the finger at Marie - after discovering her previous brush with the French policy over stolen jewellery, she set about framing Marie, planting Helen's brooch in her room.

As always with Michelle, it was all about money - determined she and Pete should have their share of Helen's wealth despite having more than enough of their own. She was determined Helen had to die before she had a chance to change her will.


Although Pete had the exellent motive of being written out of his mother's will and receving none of the family fortune, he didn't do it. His alibi checked out, and he was indeed closing a deal via a video call at the time the fatal dose of poison was administered to Helen's drink.


Although Robert had the knowledge and expertise with pharmacueticals to carry ou the crime, he didn't do it. Robert stood to gain financially from his Mother's death, but he's never been motivated by material things.