A game for 10+ players

Brigitta Luca was getting married in the morning. As she stood on the veranda of her Father's mansion, gazing down the hillside to the sparkling waters of Lake Como, she couldnâ€â„¢t be happier. Inside, her servants were putting the finishing touches to the lavish party she was hosting for her dearest girlfriends. They would be arriving soon, dressed to the nines in their finest cocktail dresses, their identities hidden with lavish eye masks. The villa was alive with the buzz of excitement and preparation, for tomorrow was no ordinary wedding. Brigitta was marrying Count Giovanni Ravello, son and heir to one of the oldest families in the Italian aristocracy. Everything had to be perfect. Brigitta wanted her extravagant wedding celebrations to be an event no one would ever forget. She needn't have worried. The events of that night were going to stay in her guests' memories for a very long time to come!