Who Shot Santa?

A game for 18+ guests

 Every year the Hare & Clarkson Christmas party got worse and worse. For an advertising agency, they sure struggled to throw a good party for their own staff. The food was usually awful and the music was an earful, but no one ever expected this! This year, they decided to go with an 80’s themed party. Determined to put the limp sausage rolls and stale sandwiches of previous years behind them, they went all out on the 80s theme. There was tons of amazing food and almost everyone (there‘s always a few who think they are above fancy dress) entered into the spirit of things and came along in their best 1980s dress. Of course, someone had to play Santa. It was a tradition in the company; Santa would pass out the Christmas bonuses to all of the employees. Moments before the big bonus handout, they were shocked to find Santa lying in a pool of blood, shot from behind. But who shot Santa - and why? But who shot Santa isn’t the only question needing answered. Every guest has something to hide and everyone can benefit from the evening’s events. Office politics, double-dealing and tangled relationships begin to surface as each character battles to save their own skin.