The Grand

A game for 12+ Guests 

It's the 1920s and Vienna von Reiss the daughter of hotel magnate, business tycoon and ruthless billionaire, Charles von Reiss, is getting married in the morning. Tonight sees the opening of a brand new, luxury Von Reiss hotel, brimming with cutting edge Art Deco design and the hottest cabaret acts. Vienna is holding her hen night in the stunning cocktail lounge. Much to everyone's surprise, Vienna is marrying Simon Green, a new-comer to the Society scene. No one really believes it has anything to do with true love, and most have Simon down as a social climbing gold-digger. To celebrate the forthcoming nuptials, a new cocktail has been designed by the hotel's Chief Mixologist, and first to try it is Charles von Reiss, a man whose passionate hatred of his future son-in-law is the world's worst kept secret! So, when Charles is found floating in his tub, poisoned by the celebratory cocktail, the question is - who added the fatal ingredient?